Food For Orthodontic Thought

Please do not EAT or CHEW the following items:


Gum, Caramel Candy, Gummy Candy, Jelly Beans: Sticky food pulls off wires and feeds the bacteria in your mouth.


Ice: You may have ice in your drinks, but please do not chew on ice. It will destroy your braces.


Hard Breads and Pizza Crust: The hard crusts bend wires, please cut up pizza crusts to eat.


Hard Tacos: The crunchy shell can break off brackets. Soft tacos are fine.


Hard Candy, Jaw Breakers or Suckers: Bends wires and knocks off brackets.


Nuts of any kind: Nuts will break brackets and bend wires.


Popcorn: The hulls can get between your gums and bands. Unpopped kernels will break brackets.


Ribs and Corn on the Cobb: Will knock off brackets. Please cut the corn off of the cob, and the meat off of ribs.


Pretzels, Doritos, Tostitos and Fritos: Too crunchy and will break off your braces.


Carrots and Apples: Please cut into slices and chew in the back of your mouth.


Pens and Pencils: Favorite exam time food…breaks everything!


EATING THESE FOODS WILL PROLONG TREATMENT! This list should be posted on your refrigerator door.


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